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April 16, 2012 / 1911ryan

First Blog Post

Hello everyone and welcome to Adventures in SoCal! In the coming few weeks I will be exploring southern California in any fun and exciting ways that I can imagine and I will share it here with you. My hope in creating this blog is to not only share my experiences with you, the keen observant reader, but to motivate us both to get out and explore. Maybe you live in SoCal and aren’t sure what amazing things wait just outside for you. Maybe you live elsewhere and are just curious to see what SoCal is like. Or, maybe I can encourage you to get out and explore your own backyard. Either way, I’m excited to start the journey and see where it leads us.

Today the path took me to Lemon Grove Gun Club in beautiful Alpine California. The club hosted a sporting rifle match which provides members of the club and non-members the opportunity to practice a little distance shooting in a competitive setting. The game is advertised as a means to practice with hunting rifles, which most people only use once or twice a year and usually never fire in the field, but today I only saw military style rifles, M-14’s and AR-15’s. Either way, it was a fun and safe day at the range. I can’t say that I shot all that well but I did get to fire my rifle that has been sitting in a safe for a few years now. I figure if I own it I should shoot it.

The other really cool thing about this match is that it is a Civilian Marksmanship Program sanctioned match which means that you can buy a CMP rifle once you have shot the match and scored a satisfactory score, which is within the reach of most people with a bit of instruction. CMP is a program through which the US government sells surplus rifles. You can read more about it on their website. The point of participating in a the match to qualify for a purchase is to learn and demonstrate firearms safety and proficiency within a safe and controlled environment. I have done this match before and received the certificate but I have never purchased a rifle from CMP. I will one of these day but they seem to be going fast and they will run out. I guess I better act soon.

In about two hours we had fired four courses of fire, using about 37 rounds in all. Not a bad morning if you ask me. Lemon Grove Gun Club offers many more events for anyone interested in shooting, including pistol matches, shotgun matches and skeet/trap, rifle matches, 3 gun which includes pistol, shotty and rifles and even archery. You don’t have to be a member for all of the matches, you just pay an entry fee, today it was $10, and have a rifle, safety glasses, ear protection and ammo. So check them out if your interested and go have a great Saturday or Sunday at the range.


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  1. Liz Losh / May 21 2012 3:46 pm

    You provide a good review of a local service and facility that would be appropriate for many types of news vendors. (First person is used less in reviews in print journalism than it is in blogging, however, so you will want to keep your audience in mind as you develop your portfolio of pieces. What I like about the way that you write this story is the fact that it doesn’t alienate readers who aren’t gun enthusiasts, because you stick to specifics rather than get into pontificating. I’ve seen a lot of bad editorials about gun rights over the years from students, so I really appreciate your restraint.

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